Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Natural Look And Shares A Step-By-Step Tutorial Of Her Daily Makeup Routine

Date June 29, 2018

Since becoming a mom, Kylie Jenner has been acting much more low key, both in her fashion and makeup choices.

20-year-old reality star has little to no time to focus on herself while trying to run her own makeup empire and being a new mom.


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After the birth of her daughter, Stormi, Kylie put out a new makeup collection called Eye of the Storm, combining both of her passions: cosmetics brand and her baby girl.

Sharing her routine

Despite being a busy businesswoman and a mom, Kylie took some time to collaborate with Vogue and recorded a step-by-step video of her daily makeup routine.

Jenner started out by showing her bare face, and she's just as beautiful looking natural as with many beauty products on.


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We all know that Kylie's makeup looks as it's done professionally almost every day, but she does it herself. Surprisingly, it doesn't require much effort. Almost anyone can achieve Jenner's iconic look with her helpful guide.

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Fans are ecstatic

Kylie's fans were very happy to see their idol share her makeup tricks. They noted that she's very passionate about beauty products.

What do you think of Kylie's makeup tutorial?

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