Unsupervised Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Snuck In Some Sweet PDA During Commonwealth Youth Event

Date July 9, 2018

Royal newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been understandably struggling with controlling their PDA during official events lately. With the Queen's strict rule against hands holding, it's sometimes difficult for the couple to keep safe distance between each other.


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Nevertheless, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex allow themselves occassional touching, that is when the head of the family isn't watching. For example, during Meghan's debut at Royal Ascot, Prince Harry was there for his wife and held her hand from time to time.


But, in the Queen's presence, the Duke of Sussex is much more careful, and recently even refused Meghan a hand when the couple accompanied Her Majesty to the Young Leaders Reception at Buckingham Palace.


Subte PDA

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hosted "Your Commonwealth" Youth Challenge Reception. No other members of the royal family were arund, so the couple was more relaxed than usual.


While everyone was distracted by Meghan's striking yellow dress and Harry's inspirational speech, the two managed to snuck in a few moments of PDA during the event.

Harry and Meghan held hands upon arriving at the London's Marlborough House together, but then quickly separated when numerous attendees swooped in to meet the royal couple.


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In addition, the Duchess was seen gently touching Harry's wrist when they got too involved in chatting with each other.


It's incredibly sweet that Harry and Meghan try their hardest to follow the Queen's rules, but sometimes losing themselves in brief moments of affection.

Public is swooning

Although the royal couple's PDA was hard to notice, people still sensed their extra affectionate mood.

What do you think about the Duke and Duchess' sneaky touching?

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