Old And Not! Jamie Lee Curtis Shined At 'Halloween' Hamburg Premiere In A Black Dress And Vintage Boots

Date October 3, 2018

Numerous horror fans are impatiently anticipating the release of Halloween (2018), yet another sequel in the famous horror franchise. And while regular moviegoers wait to get their tickets, film festivals already enjoyed the long-awaited premiere of the new slasher.

Jamie Lee Curtis on the red carpet

As expected, the star of Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis showed up at the Hamburg Film Festival to celebrate the premiere of the movie and promote its release.


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Unlike many of her colleagues that love to stand out on the red carpet, Jamie Lee decided to go with a modest monochrome dress, but she added her own personality by pairing it with beautiful vintage boots.

The 59-year-old actress looked beautiful and happy in the flattering ensemble. With this outfit, she proved that it's difficult to go wrong with an outfit as long as you're comfortable. 


And bravo for going with such nice aged boots! Not many stars would risk showing up in vintage clothes on the red carpet, but we admire Jamie Lee's casual approach.

Back to her roots

Return to Halloween franchise is very special to Curtis. The original 1978 film launched her career and put the young actress on the map. Last time she starred in one of those movies was in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998).


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Now, 20 more years later, Jamie Lee is back and she's very emotional about the franchise, as it means so much for her career.

Are you planning on seeing Jamie Lee's return in this year's Halloween? Tell us in the comments.

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