Princess Diana's Little-Known Nickname For William Can Be A Sign Of Their Extraordinarily Close Relationship

Date November 28, 2018 19:53

Princess Diana had a very special relationship with her sons. She was always a caring mother to them and wanted to spend almost all of her time with William and Harry. Diana loved to have fun with her boys and even had a funny nickname for William.


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Duke of Cambridge revealed his mom used to call him 'Wombat', which is still stuck to him. He believes she got the idea after their trip to Australia, where Diana absolutely loved these little animals and decided to give her oldest son a nickname based on their name.


It turns out, however, that 'Wombat' isn't the only playful name Diana used to call William.

Unusual nickname for William

In his book, Russian author Dmitrij Medvedev mentions another little-known nickname Princess Diana used to lovingly call William.

Duke of Cambridge was very close to his mother growing up, some could say he was one of her best friends, which is why she would sometimes refer to him as "my little wise old man."


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We all know that Diana was often going through rough times when her sons were young, so the company of young William was at times her only solace.


Is it okay to give your child nicknames?

It's important to have a trusting relationship with your child. Kids feel more open with their parents when they can have fun with them, and nicknames are in a way result of those good times. Unique names are something special every parent can experience, and it's nothing more than a matter of personal preference.

Princess Diana's Little-Known Nickname For William Can Be A Sign Of Their Extraordinarily Close RelationshipPhotographee.eu / Shutterstock.com

As long as your children are comfortable with their nicknames, it's a nice little thing you can share with them.

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