When The Queen's Not Watching: Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Indulged In PDA During Their Visit In Dublin

Date July 11, 2018

It's no secret that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been struggling to keep their PDA in check lately. It's understandable, they're in love and occassional hand holding from Harry can be a nice sign of support for Meghan, who's adjusting to her new life as a royal.


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The Queen isn't a fan of touching in public, so Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been doing their best to behave around Her Majesty. But, at events without the royal grandmother, Harry allows himself to hold Meghan's hand from time to time.


The newlyweds are currently on their first official trip to Ireland without other members of the royal family, so some PDA came into play.

No supervision

Harry and Meghan relaxed a bit when they went to meet adorable young footballers at the local stadium in Dublin.

The royal couple didn't care about the cameras and openly held hands. Since it's a relatively low key public engagement, we're sure even the Queen wouldn't mind.


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Duke and Duchess of Sussex looked so beautiful and sweet together. This proves some occassional PDA isn't such a bad thing.


Social media comments

The public was mostly focused on Meghan's beautiful suit, but some did notice the touching and rushed to point it out.

Enjoy yourselves, lovebirds.

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