Young Royal Blood Changed Predictable And Traditional Haircuts: How Kate And Meghan Are Breaking Rules


June 12, 2018 15:45 By Fabiosa

Who didn't dream of becoming a prince or a princess at some point in their lives? It seems that royals enjoy their magical existence full of gorgeous events and the world's admiration.

But if you stop to think what it takes to abide by royal rules, our peasant lives don't seem so bad anymore. From not being allowed to play monopoly to hold hands in public with your beloved, the monarchs often have a hard time being themselves.

Top all of the formal rules of behavior with strict style guidelines and you will throw away a dream of becoming a royal forever. We all know there is a strict dress code for princes and princesses, but what about something as simple as their hairstyles?

Hair revolution

Royal hairstyles were always pretty much the same, especially in the 20th century. Princesses were expected to keep their locks shorter than shoulder length and slightly curly.


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Women could also have a sleek, but still short, hair. This always made sure that the royal woman looked clean and put together.


Elizabeth II is still sticking to the same hairstyle she had before becoming The Queen. Of course, it's shorter now, but the shape is pretty much identical.


Hairstyles began to change with Princess Diana, whose signature look became a hit among people and pretty much defined the 90s.


After that, the royal ladies felt more free to express themselves. Just look at Kate Middleton. Almost every woman at some point wished for Kate's long and full locks.


This hairstyle became a complete opposite of what the public used to see on royal women, but most seem to love it. You'd think there would never be any controversy about monarch's hair again, but then came Meghan Markle.


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Similarly to Kate, Meghan has long and voluminous hair, but she often opts for a messy bun. This is something that played a mean trick on her during her wedding.

People were upset by several stray hairs seen on the bride and claim she looked too messy.

Perhaps, despite changing styles and shifting to a more accepting view of royal women's style, there will always be something the public disagrees on.

What do you think about the changing royal hairstyles? Do you prefer the new approach to the old?

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