Brave Royal: Prince Charles Was In The Delivery Room Managing Partner Birth With Diana. What Was His Reaction?

Date October 3, 2018

It is not a secret that members of the royal family should follow certain rules. According to the protocol for childbirth, fathers of the royal babies are not allowed in the delivery room.

Nevertheless, not all royals follow this rule, and Prince William is one of them. He was present during the birth of all his three children because he wanted to be a part of this beautiful moment.


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Also, he wanted to support his wife, Kate Middleton, and show that he is always there to support. It seems such intimate moments really made their relationship even stronger.


But Prince William was not the first royal, who was present in the delivery room. He was following his father’s footsteps, as Prince Charles was also in the delivery room managing partner birth with Diana.

According to the book Diana. Failed Fairy Tale, written by the Russian author Dmitrij Medvedev, Prince Charles spent sixteen hours in the hospital, together with Princess Diana.


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Later, he wrote a letter to Patricia Mountbatten, stating that he could not even imagine that the birth of a baby could have such an enormous impact on his life. He was very grateful for the opportunity to be present during that wonderful and touching moment.


More and more men decide to be present during the birth of a child. The father’s presence can be really helpful and provide a positive energy during labor. Nevertheless, they should prepare in advance, as both a woman and a man have different roles, and it is very important that they both understand how labor works.

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Prince Charles and Prince William proved to be loving and caring fathers, who want to become a part of the touching moment. Do you think a partner should be present in the delivery room?

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