Ripple Effect! Here's What Meghan Markle Has Done To Make Prince Harry A Much Better Version Of Himself

Date June 13, 2018

Meghan Markle is a fitness fanatic, and her mom, Doria Ragland, is a yoga instructor. So, it comes as no surprise that Prince Harry is learning a thing or two from his wife.

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Meghan is all about staying healthy

The Duchess of Sussex is known to be pretty religious when it comes to her workout routines.

Her trainer of 3 years, Craig McNamee, emphasized in a May interview with that the duchess does not joke with her health.

Effect on Prince Harry

She is a part-time vegan, and sources say she has been using the grounds of Kensington Palace to keep fit. Harry, on his part, does not get to loaf around because Meghan has made sure of it.

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Most amazingly, she has helped him kick a long-time smoking habit and cut out the partying he is famous for. The Duke of Sussex has also become a big fan of an immune system-cleansing supplement made by the brand GP Nutrition.

A family that keeps fit together

Ideally, a partner's dietary habits can have a ripple effect when it comes to weight loss according to a University of Connecticut based research.


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Proof of this? Prince Harry is reportedly at his healthiest since meeting Meghan, and it's great to see that he lets his partner rub off on him in the best way possible.

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