George Clooney Has Not Made A Hit Movie In Years, So Why Did Forbes Name Him Hollywood's Highest Paid Actor In 2018?

Date August 28, 2018

Without making any major movies in the last few years, George Clooney has been named the highest earning actor of 2018 by Forbes. How did he do it?


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Remember Casamigos?

The actor has kept a low profile this year. No top-grossing movie has featured him, but 2018 has proven to be a good year for his tequila company, Casamigos.

It was purchased for a whopping $700 million by the British liquor company, Diageo. There’s a small snag, though. Because he co-founded the company with two friends, his share of the stash plus earning from endorsements and other projects only came up to $239 million.

Fans are asking questions

So, how did this place the 57-year-old actor at the top of Forbes list between 2017 and 2018, ahead of hard-working actors in Hollywood with back-to-back blockbusters like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who came in second?


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Apparently, you don’t have to be a hard-working actor to be on top of the list! Forbes calculates every single penny an actor makes. And if you think this is unfair, you aren’t alone.

On Twitter, one alarmed user could not help but ask the obvious: "Was he even in a film last year?" And fans are calling his acting chops into question. Thoughts?

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