New Season Of The Ellen DeGeneres Show Will 'Feature' A Hilarious Crime Twist To Steal NCIS Viewers

Date August 29, 2018 14:11

Fans of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the crime CBS series NCIS are in for a ride. Or at least some comic relief.


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She wants in on the action

While discussing plans for her talk show's 16th season, which begins next year, Ellen DeGeneres revealed that she was a little jealous of the popularity of NCIS.

The show is about to begin its next season and is rated the most popular in the world. In a bid to steal some of its viewers and ratings, DeGeneres told her audience that next year, she'll be using the NCIS theme song to open her show.

Is this even possible?

If you are wondering what that would look like, the comedian has got you covered. She shared a sample of the 2019 opening, and it's a hilarious parody of the NCIS version.

Nice try, Ellen DeGeneres! But you'll need to get powerhouses like Mark Harmon on your team to get NCIS viewers to tune in. The star actor isn't going anywhere, though, as he recently signed a new contract with CBS, which includes a pay increase.

Still, a girl can hope, and fans of the comedy daytime show are hopeful that the cast of NCIS will at least make an appearance on the show.

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