"We Growing Humans": Beautiful Twin Baby Bump Photo And Tribute By Kate Hudson For Her Bestie Erin Foster

Date August 28, 2018 15:19

Kate Hudson and her BFF Erin Foster are pregnant together and giving us what's perhaps the most memorable of friendship goals.


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She loves being pregnant

They are expected to give birth around the same time. And Hudson, who is currently married to her bestie's stepbrother, does not waste an opportunity to show off her bump.


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More than that, she does not overlook a chance to share pictures of this journey with her friend.

We can't wait for the hilarious parenting stories

Call them cheesy, but we love it when they share photos of their twin bumps as Hudson did days ago again when she put up a picture of their large pregnant bellies touching.

What's better caption to use for the shared moment than this:

We growing humans.

There's no doubt that they both will make great parents, but we can't wait for Hudson especially to welcome her baby.

The actress just loves to share hilarious anecdotes about her experience raising her sons. And with one more child in the mix, it's bound to get better.

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