Fans Are In Love With Amy Roloff's Tribute To Her Parents After An Emotional Trip To Her Childhood Home


August 10, 2018 15:03 By Fabiosa

Amy Roloff is all about family. Her social media pages are filled with pictures of precious moments spent with her family.


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Great mom and grandma

The Little People, Big World reality star has all of 4 children with her ex husband Matt Roloff, and she enjoys smothering them with affection.


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It's hard to say what she enjoys being the most, though. Because, since she became a grandma, she's all but abandoned her children to focus on her grandson, Jackson, and granddaughter, Ember.

Her special shoutout to her parents

But, a recent post on her Instagram page is making it clear that Amy is just as great at being a daughter herself. Currently visiting her home state of Michigan in the company of her boyfriend, she also spent time with her parents.


My parents! Hanging out with them at their cabin up in the U.P. of Michigan. What a wonderful time creating more special memories. All of my kids and I and family were there to visit and celebrate my Dad’s 90th Birthday and my parents 65th wedding anniversary! What a legacy. I miss them both all the time and hearing some of my father’s little bits of wisdom never gets old! He shared four w/ all of us Well they both have done their best to do just that and well - 65 years later. What a legacy. I’m so happy all my kids and their spouses and fiancé and my grandkids and Chris got to be there all at the same time to celebrate my parents. It was the best trip back ‘home’ to my home state. Love you lots Dad and Mom 😊💗. #amyssecondactcontinues #puremichigan #yooper #homestate #whatalegacy #65yearsmarried #imblessed🙏 #imthankful

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The result of this trip down memory lane was a heartfelt post in honor of her folks who have been married for 65 years. "What a legacy," she said. And, in the photo she shared with them, the trio looked happy in each other's company.

Fans are feeling this!

Her post on her parents and their inspiring union of almost 7 decades is especially bittersweet, given that her 29-year marriage to Matt packed up in 2016, despite the fact that fans were rooting for them.

Nonetheless, people are cheering the reality TV star for taking them on this special trip down memory lane.

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