Go Big Or Go Home! The Roloffs Kick Off The Halloween Season With A Gorgeous Family Photo

Date October 8, 2018

It's Halloween season again! Fan favorites – the Roloffs – are making a splash, and we love it!


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Together for pumpkin season

Rather than celebrate individually, ahead of Thanksgiving, the Little People, Big World stars are coming together for the pumpkin season. Even exes Amy and Matt, who have been barely seen hanging out together since their divorce, were pictured grinning from ear to ear, surrounded by the kids, grandkids, and dogs.


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Matt shared the gorgeous family photo on Instagram for the opening weekend of Roloff Farms Pumpkin Patch 2018. He also celebrated the large turnout for his birthday which happened to be on Sunday, October 7.

Roloff mania online

Amy joined in the picture sharing, but she preferred to show off her grandkids, Jackson and Ember.


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Fans' reactions to the rare family get-together have been expectedly positive. They clearly missed seeing the whole crew together in one place.


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Importantly, fans were amazed at how large the family had gotten. One commenter pointed out just how much the grandkids had grown, and most people were eager to make a trip to the Roloff farms for the pumpkin season.

The farm, which was purchased in 1990, has almost quadrupled in size.


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The couple originally bought 34 acres and now, it is 110 acres, mostly used for agriculture. But it also serves as an events center and tourist destination. Kudos to them!

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