Bizarre Protester Destroys His Own Socks In Protest Of Nike Choosing Colin Kaepernick As A Brand Ambassador

Date September 5, 2018 16:19

People are protesting Nike's decision to hire Colin Kaepernick as the new face of the brand's Just Do It campaign. They don't care about what they lose in the process, or how funny they look.

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Nike's 'unpopular' choice

Kaepernick is famous starting the 'take a knee' protest during the national anthem before NFL matches (thus, making a statement against racial inequality). This decision has more or less cost him his career.


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And so, the sportswear brand's decision to include him in their campaign, alongside tennis player Serena Williams, was meant to inspire people.

But they ended up pissing off some people.

Are they dumb?

One of the most prominent among them is the country singer John Rich – an alumni and 2011 winner of Donald Trump's Celebrity Apprentice reality show.

He shared a picture of the ruined Nike socks, and explained that his soundman, a former U.S. marine, was potesting by cutting the brand's logo out. He threatened that many more people would boycott the brand.

While many others have followed their example by ruining their Nike products, they are being ridiculed for destroying property they've already paid for with their own money. What do you think?

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