Julie Chen Decides To Quit 'The Talk' In Support Of Her Disgraced Husband, Les Moonves

Date September 19, 2018 17:50

Julie Chen is quitting CBS' The Talk to stand by her man. This comes after news that her husband, Les Moonves, has stepped down from CBS President position following sexual harassment allegations by several women.


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Les claims he's innocent

Chen has been with the show for all 9 years it's been on air, and there's have been a lot of speculations about what her next move would be after the reports of her husband's involvement in multiple sexual harassment scandals.


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In July, when Moonves' accuser first spoke out, the network boss denied the accusations. In response to the allegations, Chen said she believed her husband. She called him a “kind, decent, and moral human being.”

Who'll replace her on the show?

But her decision to quit the women-centric show still comes as a surprise to many. She put out a video yesterday, stating unequivocally that she had chosen to step down to spend more time with her husband and their son.

Chen said: 

Right now, I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son. So I've decided to leave TheTalk.

Her former co-host said an emotional goodbye on the show yesterday.

Sara Gilbert, The Talk's producer and host, said:

We love you Julie.

But that's not all the love she's getting. Fans online can't believe she's choosing to leave.

But others are over her already, and focused on who the network will pick as her replacement, especially since Chen more or less anointed her Asian sister, Carrie Ann Inaba, her successor. Thoughts?

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