Kylie Jenner's 7-Months-Old Daughter, Stormi, Just Showed Off Her Killer Dance Moves, And We Can't Stop Watching!

Date September 11, 2018

Kylie Jenner and her daughter are back with another cute mom-daughter bonding moment.


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She's got a new obsession

This comes after the reality star and makeup mogul shared a behind-the-scenes video from a photoshoot, which showed Stormi holding onto her hair. Kylie explained to her fans that this was her baby girl's new obsession.


love you so much it hurts 🖤

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Stormi appears to be done with that phase already. Her new thing is dancing. The 21-year-old mom shared an oh-so-adorable video of her daughter listening to some music.

They're growing on us

Clearly, this song is a favorite for Stormi, because she proceeded to dance her little legs off.

Kylie, who has been mom-shamed in the past for going off to have some fun without her daughter, spends time at home with her daughter, and her fans don't seem to mind at all.

In their characteristic style, they populated her comment section with reactions like "so sweet" and "so cute." We agree! It's beautiful to watch Kylie spending time with her daughter, and both of them are growing on us in the best possible way.

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