Chrissy Teigen Had An Inspiring Reaction After She Was Trolled For Showing Off Her Big Post-Baby Stomach At The Emmy's

Date September 18, 2018

Chrissy Teigen was all about showing off her mom body at the Emmy's this year, but some fans were not very comfortable with it.


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Is she pregnant again?

One particularly bothered fan could not stand the fact that she wasn't hiding her stomach, and asked the mom of two an inappropriate question. 

The Twitter troll said:

I’m asking this with the utmost respectful, but is @chrissyteigen pregnant again?

And as soon as she found the tweet, she responded:

I just had a baby but thank you for being soooo respectful. 

Wait, we've been pronouncing her name wrong!

The TV personality and Cravings author also got a lot of help from people online, who proceeded to school the body-shamers and cheer her for slaying her Emmy's look.

But there was also another controversy that she finally addressed. According to her red carpet chat with E!, everyone has been mispronouncing her Norwegian surname for years, and she finally explained that it is actually pronounced 'Tie-gan' not 'Tee-gan'.

However, she's totally cool with her name being mispronounced, but she'll have a hard time convincing fans to keep saying the wrong thing.

They are ready to start correcting friends who continue to mispronounce her name.

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