As A Child Star, Saoirse Ronan Dealt With Fame Pretty Badly, But She's Excited For Her New Role As Queen Mary Of Scots

Date August 14, 2018

Saoirse Ronan is not just any random Irish actress with a weird name trying to make a name in Hollywood. She's been there and done that.


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Major nomination at 13

She was just tiny teen - all of 13 - when she earned an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for a memorable role in the film Atonement in 2007.


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Since then, she has moved on to making Hollywood hits like Lady Bird for which she won the coveted Golden Globe Award for the Best Actress.

She's going to be Queen

Because Ronan isn't quite one to throw herself in front of the paparazzi, not much is known about her personal life, but she recently granted an exclusive to Vogue and did their famous 73 Questions Interview.

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She really opened up about how taking her first acting job at 9 left her feeling melancholic because she missed being on set. She also shared details about an exciting new role for Mary, Queen of Scots, which hits theatres in December. According to Vogue, Ronan is the reason many people were eager to be a part of the epic drama. Pretty neat!

Our favorite child stars

But, before we get all caught up in Ronan's fame, here's a quick list of our favorite child actors who've still got what it takes to be successful in Hollywood:

Drew Barrymore

She made her debut on the famous E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and has since become a respected producer, actor, and director.


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Leonardo DiCaprio

Although, he's forever Jack from Titanic, he made earlier appearances in Growing Pains before all those Golden Globe nominations and awards.

Jodie Foster

She is one of the most famous child stars for her role as a prostitute in Taxi Driver. She has since earned a ton of nominations and awards.


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Who's your favorite child actor turned into successful Hollywood star?

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