Fans React After Kim Kardashian Shares Pictures Of Her Fun Hangout With Her Sisters After She And Kourtney's 'Fake Fight'

Date August 13, 2018

The Kardashians are back to teasing the media and fans with family fights.

Are Kourtney and Kim still fighting?

Last week, Kim shared an old photo from her social media archives announcing that the sisters were getting ready to turn up for Kylie's birthday.

But, because their eldest sister Kourtney was the only one missing from the fun picture, she was quick to add in the caption, "*Don’t worry Kourtney included."

It's getting even messier

On Twitter, she followed up her announcement with pictures of the Kardashian-Jenner girls all skimpily clad having what looked to be the time of their lives (Kourtney included.)

And a few fans beat Kim to her game, bringing up the assumed fight with Kourtney who she called "the least interesting to look at."

A saucy fan who goes by the name @bXbyrne commented "I’m just gonna say it, Kourt is by far the *most* exciting to look at....."

A lot of Kourtney's fans seemed to agree with her assessment. But Kim's fans were ready to fight. Well, now that the sisters have dragged their fans into this, who do you think will win this fame war?

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Kim Kardashian