Kim Kardashian Was Brutally Criticized For Sharing A Throwback Photo With Her Dad Who Died 15 Years Ago

Date September 7, 2018

Days ago, Kim Kardashian took to social media to share a memory of her late dad, Robert Kardashian Sr who died 15 years ago, and she was severely attacked immediately.


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He was a great dad

In the photo taken in 1998, father and daughter seemed to be having a lot of fun in each other’s company.



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Last year too, she shared a compilation of childhood home videos and photos. The reality star said,

we miss him every day

and told fans that the video was done to share a glimpse of who the famous lawyer was as a dad.

Fans attacked her this time

Kim has said before that her dad was obsessed with filming them as children, and admitted that putting a compilation together was a challenge because they’d barely been able to find footages with him in it.


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But, this time around, most of her fans were not feeling the nostalgic throwback. One commenter attacked her claiming her father Rob would not be proud of what had become of Kim and her sisters.

Other Twitter users took a dig at her plastic surgery history, stating that the reality star looked so much better when she was just herself. A few of her fans still stood up for her.


Sunday chill with my dad & @khloekardashian

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Kim does not seem to mind the comments though. She loves to share memories of her father any chance she gets.

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