Meghan Markle's Rapidly Growing Baby Bump Is Going Viral Online. People Think The Change In Size Is Unusual

Date October 24, 2018

New photos of Meghan Markle's baby bump have left a lot of royal fans confused because her stomach seems to have doubled in size over the last few days.

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What's going on with her belly?

News of a royal baby on the way thrilled the world just as the Markle began her first overseas tour alongside Prince Harry. The couple reportedly broke the news to family members at Princess Eugenie's wedding.

An official statement noted that Markle had passed her 12-week mark and was certified to be in good health. So far, the couple has had a great time on tour and given fans a lot of special moments. But now, people are concerned because of the rapidly changing size of Markle's bump.

How far gone is Meghan really?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were photographed in the Australia Fiji's Grand Pac Hotel while meeting with President Jioji Konrote and First Lady Sarote Konrote at a state dinner in their honor.

Markle looked especially radiant in a cape gown by Safiyaa Ginkgo. And the color, an unusual shade of blue known as Fijian blue, was worn in tribute to her host country. It perfectly suited her.

A few of the pictures, however, showed Markle cradling her stomach which looked noticeably big.

And people online find this is strange because the bump seems to have quadrupled in the space of days.

Markle debuted her baby bump on October 16 and a week later, commenters say she looks to be about 5 months pregnant. Is there a reason for this sudden growth in her bump?

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