Prince Harry Stuns Theater Goers By Singing At An 'Hamilton' Show To Raise Money For His HIV Foundation, Sentebale

Date August 30, 2018 19:39

Ladies, get in here! Oh wait, forget we said that. Prince Harry is already married. But, we have to say, he's still giving eligible bachelors around the world a run for their money.


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He can sing

While attending a gala performance at the Victoria Palace Theatre where the world famous 'Hamilton' was shown to help raise money for the HIV foundation, Sentebale, Harry chose to steal the shine of the actors.

In the brief clip shared by Kensington Palace, before Meghan Markle joined him on stage, Prince Harry stood up there with the cast and crew of Hamilton West End and began to sing a note from the musical.

Specifically, he did a song by his forebear King George III, You'll Be Back.

Why is he so adorable?

The delighted crowd cheered while Harry went on to give a heartfelt speech thanking the actors for helping to raise funds and awareness for children and young people affected by HIV in Botswana.

Online, the response is unanimous. People love that he's raising money for an important cause, but, they are certain Princess Diana is looking on at her son, proud of the man he's become.

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