This Morning's Holly Willoughby Has Some Really Easy, Personal Tricks For Women Who Want To Look Stylish Everyday

Date September 13, 2018

Holly Willoughby has some fashion tricks to share with fans as she steps into her role as ambassador for Marks & Spencer. And this is why you should care about what she has to say.


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She's got style

As co-host of This Morning, the mom of three has almost daily carried her 3 million-plus Instagram followers along with her stunning 'look of the day' posts.


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Willoughby makes the effortless style look like a piece of cake and has a team of stylists that help her pull it off with ease. She never fails to bring it with the gowns, street styles, and red carpet ensembles.

Her secret weapon? Colors!

Thankfully, she's a sharer. While doing press recently, as the new face of Marks & Spencer, HELLO! reports that she came armed with fashion tips and told the audience that she had not always been the confident fashionista she is now, but growing older had taught her brave with her style.


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Her big message for the day was experimenting with colors. She said:

Stop being nervous about wearing pink! Stop being nervous about wearing any colour. I think we have this thing in our heads that you have to wear black because black is super super fashionable - you shouldn't be afraid of color at all.

She does make a really good point and her gorgeous animal print gown to the event is a testament to the fact that she knows what she's talking about.

The woman simply never seems to have a bad style day and her fans agree. So, we hear you, Holly Willoughby.

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