This Morning's Ruth Langsford Shares Honest Videos About How She's Dealing With Losing Her Full Hair To Menopause

Date August 20, 2018

Women, get in here! Ruth Langsford has a hack for menopausal women who are experiencing hair thinning.


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Amazing menopause tip

The TV host has been open about how she's taking on menopause, but now she's getting even more real about how she keeps her hair looking great as it succumbs to the fluctuations of menopause.


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On Instagram, she shared behind-the-scenes from a salon visit where she spent all of 20 mins adding extensions to her hair to get a fuller look.

People love it

In the final video, she said,

We’ve just put 4 in, to get that bit of thickness here and it feels really nice.

Fans were obviously taken in by this unusual degree of transparency displayed by a public figure and they let Langsford know how grateful they were in the comments.

So, there you have it. Why stress over thinning hair when you can take a leave out of Ruth Langsford's book and go the extension way.

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