Victoria Beckham Shares Hilarious Behind-The-Scene Videos As Harper Beckham Watches Her First 'Spice World'

Date August 15, 2018

Victoria Beckham is finally sharing her life in Spice Girl with daughter, Harper, and the 7-year-old is asking questions after seeing the movie Spice World.


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Harper discovers Spice World

In 2018, it may seem like a stretch to make a movie based on the lives of a girl band, also starring members of the girl band, but in 1997, this made perfect sense.


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More than 20 years on, Posh Spice sat down with Harper to watch this classic fan favorite, and from snippets of the movie shared on her Instagram story, the experience was memorable.

Fan theories and reactions

Evidently, Harper was quite intrigued by the Spice Buss and her mom's "little Gucci dress". But, she also wanted to know why Posh Spice chose to disobey the dress code while the rest of her band mates wore military uniforms.

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Fans, however, have a theory about this mother-daughter movie date. Some of them believe that Harper was not quite as eager as Victoria's stories suggest.


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They think this is something the little girl was forced into.

Theories aside, everyone is here for Harper's Spice Girls discovery.

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