Missy Elliott Made An Unexpected Appearance On The Ellen DeGeneres Show To Surprise Her Super Cool Fan, Mary Halsey

Date September 14, 2018 17:14

Missy Elliott has found herself a white sister and future hype woman for her shows. What's more, she and Ellen DeGeneres had a little surprise planned for the unsuspecting and super cool Mary Halsey.


Today, Missy met Mary. You’ve gotta watch our full chat. Link in bio. @missymisdemeanorelliott

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She killed her Missy Elliott cover!

Their friendship began days ago when Halsey was videoed at a neighborhood karaoke singing the rapper's 2002 hit song, 'Work It'. The clip was brought to the attention of Elliott who then went ahead to share it on Twitter.

I just found out I have a funky white sister,

she said and then went on to commend Halsey for killing it, sound effects and all.

They got to perform together

It has since gone viral and Halsey has become something of a star. She even got to be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres show. And when she joined the comedian yesterday, she was in for a treat.

Before the spunky Halsey got to chat with Ellen on the couch, she had to perform 'Work It' to the audience and while she was getting her groove on, Missy Elliott surprised her on stage. She clearly wasn't expecting it but did not miss a beat in her performance.

Afterward, Elliott shared a fun video backstage with Halsey, who by the way, now fully refers to herself as Missy's funky white sister.

Fans just think she's amazing and the rapper herself called her a sweet person. How cool is she!?

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