Richard Bacon Shares Emotional Message To His Wife After Spending Ten Days In A Coma

Date July 19, 2018

The 42-year-old British TV and radio presenter Richard Bacon, who lives in LA, fell critically ill, which led him to have a near-death experience. On his last day in the hospital, Bacon praised one person, who always stayed by his side – his wife.

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Sudden illness

When flying from the US to Britain, Richard’s health got worse, and he was taken to a hospital. The BBC Radio 5 Live presenter was stricken by pneumonia, which made the doctors come to a radical decision – put Bacon into a coma to allow his body to fight the infection.

Richard later shared he had “an unidentified double chest infection”, saying he “nearly died”. But luckily, the critical condition is behind him now, and Bacon feels much better. The TV presenter expressed his gratitude to the NHS for saving his life. He also paid a touching tribute to his wife, who spent sleepless nights worrying about him.

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Heartfelt message

Bacon took to Instagram to say how much his wife, Rebecca, means to him with a touching post.

He captured it with the heart-melting words:

Last full day in hospital. Every facet of my life would be worse without Rebecca in it. How will I ever thank her? I was in a coma for nine or ten nights (I just learned). That’s a lot of staring at your husband and his pipes. And a lot of worry.

What a sweet message!

People reacted to the emotional post

We are glad Richard Bacon has survived probably the scariest experience in his life. It should not happen again.

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