Hugh Grant’s Wife Was ‘Kidnapped’ By Taxi Driver, While The Couple Was On Their Honeymoon In Paris

Date July 3, 2018

Hugh Grant surprised his fans with shocking news. The actor claimed that his wife Anna Eberstein was kidnapped by a taxi driver when the couple was enjoying their honeymoon.

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Crazy story

Speaking on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the British star shared with a host a crazy story he and his wife got themselves into. Grant and Eberstein were on their honeymoon in Paris when they ended up in the taxi with no cash to pay for the ride.


The actor had asked the driver if the card machine was working before they set on the ride but after reaching the destination, it turned out that Hugh couldn’t pay by card and was forced to get out of the car in the look for the cash point.

Grant said he tried to cash to pay for the taxi ride, but the machine wasn’t working. He said:

 I panicked and said to my new wife, “Get out the car”. The taxi driver said, “What are you doing? ‘I said, “Your machine doesn’t work so we’re not paying”.

The “Notting Hill” star added:

At which point he kidnapped her. He drove off with my wife.

The actor didn’t say how the story ended, but considering that Anna returned back from the romantic gateway, Hugh managed to resolve the situation. Grant finished his story by saying he always has a fight with a taxi driver in Paris.

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What do people think about Hugh and Anna’s marriage?

The pair wedded last month after being together for six years. This is the 57-year-old actor’s first marriage.

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