Peculiar Way Meghan Markle Told Her Friend About The Royal Wedding

Date July 9, 2018

Meghan Markle is no different from us. Of course, minus the handsome prince for a husband. But despite becoming an official member of the British royal family, she is a normal girl who communicates just like all of us do. You might think she would deliver big and important news on a golden letter or delivered by a pigeon, but Meghan is more chill than that.

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The Peculiar Invitation

The Duchess of Sussex’ close friend and makeup artist Daniel Martin, who created her stunning makeup look for the wedding, made an appearance on Good Morning America. On the show, he revealed how Meghan told him about her big day and invited him to one of the most iconic events of this year.

The invitation wasn’t delivered by the Queen’s private plane. Instead, the Duchess of Sussex opted for a modern way of communication, proving that we all share something in common with her. Martin revealed:

She [texted and] was, like, ‘Hey, what are you doing May 19?” And then she sent me two emojis of the bride and groom.

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Of course, Martin was extremely happy for his friend and offered her whatever help she needed. The makeup artist also shared a few memories from the royal wedding, recalling the big day’s morning and describing it as “very chill.” He said:

We had breakfast. Guy, her dog was with us. We were playing around with him. It was a very chill morning ... her mom was there, which was amazing.

We remember how beautiful and collected Meghan was when she said her vows. It seems like having a chill morning with her closest people helped her come down her nerves.

What Does Twitter Say?

How often do you use emojis to communicate with your friends?

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