At 92 Years Old, The Queen’s Workload Seems To Be Alarmingly Increasing

Date July 16, 2018

Queen Elizabeth is not known for taking a time off from her busy schedule despite her age. At 92, she continues to shoulder a heavy load of royal engagements, and she does it without her husband, too!

Recently, the monarch withdrew from a scheduled appointment due to some health issues, and we can be sure it wasn’t her idea but rather the doctor’s order to skip the engagement and rest. But the Queen was back in the saddle of social events just a few days later.


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Increasing workload

Queen Elizabeth has been on the British throne for 66 years, and the fierce lady doesn’t even think to slow down. She is 27 years past the usual retirement age and still keeps doing the only job she’s ever had. It shows that Her Majesty is refusing to give in to her age.

On the contrary, the Queen is actually increasing her workload. This year has been exceptionally busy, as the monarch undertook 13 percent more engagement in the first six months of this year, comparing to the last one.


She’s also been doing most of her work by herself. For a long time, her beloved husband, Prince Philip, was by her side, but the 97-year-old announced he’s stepping out from the royal duties on 2 August 2017.

The Queen can be often spotted accompanied by other royals. Like the time when she ventured on a journey to Cheshire joined by her new granddaughter-in-law, Duchess of Sussex. The pair seemed to enjoy their time together, laughing and chatting away at the event.

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People’s thoughts

We hope we will see even more of Her Majesty in the future.

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