Will Meghan And Harry Be Good Parents? Sweet Moments The Couple Spent Playing With 3-Year-Old Baby

Date July 12, 2018

After their magical wedding, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been hopping from one event to another. This year is full of travels for the newlyweds, and they are facing the long roads heads on and with a smile on their beautiful faces.

Recently, the busy royals ventured to the Emerald Isle where they had many important meetings, including the one with Irish President Michael D. Higgins. When greeting royal fans, who cheered and clapped after spotting the couple, Meghan and Harry switched into a playful mode when they saw the adorable kids who showed up to meet them.

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Natural parents

On Wednesday, the royal couple went to a Croke Park, home to Gaelic Athletic Association, where they were introduced to some young footballers, including little Walter Cullen. 


The adorable 3-year-old stole the royals’ hearts, as he was seen blowing kisses to Meghan, before Prince Harry jokingly wagged his finger at him, mockingly reprimanding the young admirer.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were all giggles when the cute little fella held hands with Meghan as his amused father was holding him in his arms.


Another brave football lover got as far as touching Prince Harry’s trademark – his bushy ginger beard. The little boy was seen playing with it, which the duke didn’t seem to mind.

After spending some quality time with kids, the royal couple went on with their day full of other engagements.

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What did people think about their meeting?

Meghan and Harry have definitely proved that they are natural parents, and we can’t wait to say “awww” when we see their future kids.

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