Isn’t It Too Much? Victoria Beckham Jokes About Kids’ Education In A New Funny Video

Date August 10, 2018 18:46

Even though Victoria Beckham’s mom was an insurance clerk and hairdresser, and her dad earned a living as an electronics engineer, Victoria received the best education her parents could offer her. She was sent to some of the nicest schools and even got to enjoy ballet lessons.

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Now, the fashion mogul tries to offer the best to her children as well. 19-year-old Brooklyn, 15-year-old Romeo, 13-year-old Cruz, and 7-year-old Harper receive all of the privileges that kids born into a wealthy family can get, including the private education. But it seems that expensive schools didn’t pay off.

New video

The Beckham matriarch shared a hilarious video on her Instagram Stories with her kids where she jokingly questioned how much she and her soccer legend husband pay for their children’s private education. The video shows Brooklyn, Cruz, and Harper playing with spoons at the dinner table.

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The trio amused themselves by balancing spoons in their mouths, to which Victoria responded with a question to David:

@davidbeckham How much did we pay for private education? X

People's thoughts on private education

Didn’t they teach you table manners at those ridiculously expensive institutions?

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