Princess Tessy Of Luxembourg Reveals The Truth About Heartbreaking Miscarriage

Date July 4, 2018

Princess Tessy of Luxembourg decided to speak out about a devastating experience of losing a child. The mom-of-two, who is divorced from Prince Louis, revealed about her experience to her Instagram followers.

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Heartbreaking Miscarriage

The 32-year-old royal opened up about her miscarriage on social media. She didn’t specify when it happened but described it as "one of the most difficult situations" she ever had to go through, alongside her divorce from Prince Louis.

Tessy reposted a snap of herself from a designer Jeanne Chavany, which she captured with:

My name is Tessy and I am a single mum of two incredible boys. Originally from Luxembourg I lived in 5 different countries and worked with thousands of people. The work I do is inspired by the thousands of men, women, and children I have met on my path to happiness and success.

The royal went on talking about the projects she supports. She also touched on the difficult situations that need to be overcome, saying:

For me, of course, my divorce was definitely one of the most difficult situations I have ever faced. I experienced the same feelings and emotions when I miscarried my third child. I cried for years over these two situations. Yet, I always sourced strength from my two healthy and happy boys who mean the world to me.

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Devastating Divorce

Tessy and her former husband Prince Louis share two children together. In 2017, Tessy filed for divorce, the grounds for which were cited as her husband's "unreasonable behavior.” The couple was granted a 'quickie' divorce at the Central Family Court in London.

Later, Tessy stated how sad she feels divorcing her husband of 12 years and explained that her two boys will remain her and her husband's priority.

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