Internet Went Wild Over Images Of Alex Rodriguez Acting Like His Girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez's, Biggest Fan At The VMAs

Date August 23, 2018 12:29

This year’s VMAs was unforgettable for many reasons. Incredible performances, crazy outfits, excited winners – it was surely an evening to remember. One of those winners was Jennifer Lopez. After taking the stage in a sparkling sportswear and dancing to her greatest hits, J.Lo accepted her well-deserved award.

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In her short speech, she didn’t forget to mention her supportive boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. Her words melted many hearts, as they were filled with love and gratitude.

Rodriguez had been clapping the loudest when he had been tracking his beau’s performance from the audience with an adoring look on his face.


Best boyfriend ever

The 43-year-old former Yankees star was the biggest Lopez’s fan the entire evening. Social media users were quick to notice how Alex was bursting with pride when he walked with his girlfriend on the red carpet, letting her get all the spotlight.



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And later, during her performance, MTV kept showing Alex's excited reactions, where he looked incredibly impressed whilst making an adoring face when J.Lo danced.


His “ooh” face quickly turned into a meme, with many saying how nice it would be to “find someone who looks at you like A-Rod looks at J.Lo.

Twitter’s reactions

Jennifer and Alex were definitely a couple of the evening, and it was wonderful to see how they showed their love for each other.

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