When Will Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Make A Baby Announcement? A TV Psychic Predicts The Answer

Date September 19, 2018

From the moment Meghan and Harry said 'I do', the United Kingdom, as well as the rest of the world, has been patiently waiting for the couple to announce they are expecting their first child. The speculation surrounding the subject has reached another level when a TV psychic made a prediction about the time when the newlyweds will share the pregnancy news.


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To believe or not to believe

Making an appearance on UK’s chat show Loose Women, a psychic Sally Morgan shared her predictions with the public, revealing to the audience she is surprised that there hasn’t been any news on the subject already. But she reassured that we don’t have to wait for long to hear them. She suggested that it will be announced that Meghan’s expecting a baby by October of this year.

The TV psychic didn’t stop there as she made another prediction about the royal family, saying that there are some big changes they will have to face in 2019.

 Next year, there will be a restructure within the royal family.

And while her words sound like a bad omen, she calmed down the worried viewers saying that it doesn’t necessarily mean the passing of one of the members.

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She was right before

Previously, Sally has already made predictions about the royal family, and she was right when she said that Duchess Kate is expecting a boy when she was pregnant with Prince Louis.

Considering that both Meghan and Harry love kids, Sally’s words might come true this time around as well.

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