Catherine Zeta-Jones Flaunted Gorgeous New Hair Look And Fans Can’t Stop Comparing Her To Ava Gardner

Date August 6, 2018 13:53

Sometimes, we look at Catherine Zeta-Jones and we cannot believe she’s 48 years old! It seems that the Chicago star has discovered a fountain of youth.


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What is her secret? The Welsh beauty swears by argan oil. She uses it every night before bed to moisturize and nourish her skin. Judging by Catherine’s gorgeous face, we all need a bottle of this liquid gold.

Recently, the actress decided to step out of her comfort zone and change her look completely.

Retro goddess

We used to see Catherine Zeta-Jones with long, sleek, straight hair. It has become her trademark. But sometimes, we all want to make drastic changes to our looks, don’t we?

With the talented hands of a hairdresser, Catherine turned into a retro star. The actress shared a stunning photo of her new vintage-inspired hairdo and her fans flooded the comment section with the words of praise.

She definitely gives some strong Ava Gardner vibes!

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Old Hollywood glamour

Let’s compare her look to other retro divas.

1. Eva Gardner.


2. Ingrid Bergman.


3. Elizabeth Taylor.


It’s fascinating how makeup and hair products can transport us into a different era!

How to get Catherine Zeta-Jones’ hairstyle

If you want to look like Catherine, here are some tips that can help you achieve her stunning hairstyle. You don’t need to spend a hefty sum at the hairdresser as you can do it all by yourself!

Let us know if you’ve tried it! We certainly need to work on our flat ironing technique.

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