Meghan Markle Did Something Very Awkward With Her Hand Before She Kissed Her Husband At Polo Match

Date July 30, 2018

Prince Harry’s charity polo match was quite a success. The event was filled with many highlights but the juiciest one was definitely the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s sweet kiss.


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Meghan arrived at the match, aimed at raising funds to help African children fight with HIV, to support her husband. She made many heads turn in her gorgeous denim dress by Carolina Herrera. But the tabloid headlines were all about the way the royal couple showed their affection towards each other.


However, not many noticed something very awkward that happened right before the kiss.

Weird hand movement

We want to put it out there, we are not always suave and smooth and sometimes we feel like we have five hands instead of two. But there is one big thing that differs us from the royals - nobody cares what we do.

Besides, noticing Duchess Meghan or any other member of the royal family acting a bit awkward only shows they are normal people, just like us, minus living in a stunning palace.


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So what happened before the little cringe-worthy but still sweet kiss? When Meghan presented the trophy to her husband’s team, she looked a bit lost when one of the members went for a double-cheek kiss. When she turned back to Prince Harry, her confusion transferred to her movements as her hand got awkwardly stuck on the Duke’s left hip.

What did it mean?

A body-language expert Blanca Cobb believes the hand movement indicated that Duchess Meghan wasn’t sure what to do. After the kiss, it appears she rub Harry’s back in a self-soothing way, which can suggest she was happy the moment has ended.


Meghan’s body language showes she might have been feeling social anxiety as too much happened too quickly. Prince Harry, on the other hand, looked very comfortable and confident in his relationship, says Cobb.

Despite the little awkwardness, the Duchess seemed to handle the event very well and looked absolutely stunning, as usual.

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