Most Controversial Love Story: Inside Clint Eastwood And Dina Eastwood’s Marriage

Date July 27, 2018

There are probably only a few people on the whole planet who don’t know who Clint Eastwood is. With a career spanning over a half of a century, he took part in more than ninety film productions and directed thirty films.


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At 88 years old, his acting career is probably behind him, but he is still making his name heard as a director. Clint's incredible talent combined with shrewd business skills and an inhuman energy have earned him a fortune.

But as much as people are interested in his career, they also want to know every detail of his personal life. Especially, his infused with movie-like drama marriage with Dina Eastwood.

Troubles in paradise

Dina and Clint got married in 1996. Despite keeping their relationship out of the limelight, they were considered to be a great couple. They built their romance on the loving friendship and people enjoyed spending time in their company.


The trouble knocked when Dina decided to do the show Mrs. Eastwood and Company. It was highly successful and collected around 1 million views per episode. Clint made an occasional appearance on the show but, being an extremely private person, he wasn’t really happy about it. By June 2012, their marriage completely fell apart.


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The Fishers

At the end of 2012, Dina was trying to find comfort in her old friend Scott Fisher, who was finalizing his divorce with Erica Fisher. And that’s where the life took an unexpected twist. Erica was concerned about her ex-husband’s relationship with Dina, reached out to Clint. They started talking and, by March, they were dating.


Dina was in complete shock when she has found out about Clint and Erica. So much so, the stress got her into a rehab. In the following months, she grew closer to Scott and their relationship became more intimate.


Now Clint’s life is all about work as he was spotted filming in Downtown Las Cruces. Dina married Scott Fisher in 2016, two years after her divorce with the Hollywood legend.

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