Prince Albert And Princess Charlene Are Getting Ready For Their First 'Far Away' Vacation With The Twins

Date August 3, 2018

Having one kid can sometimes be hard, but having twins is even more challenging. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene know that at first hand. The royal couple is raising two adorable 3-year-olds and the doting mom revealed it can be tough as there are times when the kids have too much energy.


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Despite that, Monaco’s royals discovered that their kids developed a true friendship and always make decisions together. However, soon the loving parents will have to put their parenting skills to the test as the family plans to go for their first “long distance” vacation.

A trip to a faraway land

Recently, Prince Albert was diagnosed with “minor lung infection,” which made him cancel his schedule for some time. Luckily, Monaco’s prince is feeling much better now and is ready to face his numerous meetings and little trips.


But, according to People, Albert is getting ready for a prolonged summer vacation to treat his “fatigue”.The prince will be joined by his lovely wife and cute kids, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

It’ll be a swimming and marine environment vacation. We’ll make one stop along the way because, otherwise, it’s a pretty long flight for the kids. We’re going way west and I’m really looking forward to it because it’s gonna be great and I certainly need a break.

This vacation will mark the first time the family travels to a faraway place. As the holiday was described as “restful”, it might be a trip to some tropical destination. But will it be as restful as the royal parents hope with two kids on board?


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Prince Albert says he knows what to expect as he already has been swimming with his children every day. But he admits that being with them “beats a three-hour cabinet meeting anytime.” 

People love the royal family

After his return, Prince Albert will resume his busy schedule and will go on trips to promote environmental awareness.

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