Why There Won’t Be Any Photos Of Duchess Catherine And Her Family On Holiday In Mustique?

Date August 7, 2018 18:26

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had to cut their family vacation short to attend their friend’s wedding, as well as be present for Duchess Meghan’s 37th birthday.


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The Cambridge family had a few days of complete rest at a private island Mustique. The small Caribbean jewel is a favorite of many celebrities and royals, who choose the tropical paradise for its gorgeous beaches and ultimate privacy.

But whilst we can often take at least a little glimpse of the royals on their holiday, this time we haven’t seen any photos online. And there is a possible reason for it.


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Secluded island

According to HELLO!, Mustique has a very strict security. Taking photographs is a big “no-no” as people respect each other’s privacy and cameras are not allowed there.

Mustique is very exclusive and press and paparazzi can't be within a certain distance from the island, which would explain why you only see long-lens, grainy shots of the royals.


People can only visit the certain parts of the island, but the rest is available strictly for those who booked accommodation there.

The Mustique’s safety measures are taken up a notch with the whole security team looking after the holidaymakers who rest there.

Every island visitor is registered with our security team before arriving on island by land, air or sea, whether staff, local islander or guest to ensure the security team know who is on the island at any one time.

This might be the reason why we hadn’t seen any photos of Kate and William enjoying their free time with their adorable kids. They deserve some privacy after all.

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