Eva Longoria Shared A Photo Of Another Family Member. He Shares Her Family’s Love For Football As Well

Date July 3, 2018

June 19th became the luckiest day in the family of Eva Longoria and José Bastón. The 43-year-old actress welcomed her 1st child. The couple named their first son Santiago Enrique.

Hurray! It’s a baby boy!

The happy mommy has shared the photos of her baby son almost immediately after his birth. Eva looks extremely happy. What is more, she doesn’t hesitate to engage her son into the family activities.

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Both husband and wife are avid soccer fans. They root for Mexico in the World Cup.

Another cute family member

Eva Longoria is just said to have her first baby. However, she had one some time ago in the face of her cute doggy named Popeye.

Now, the pup is a big brother and will teach the little one everything he already knows. Here’s how Eva captioned the photo of Popeye in Santiago’s blankets:

Big brother Popeye can’t wait to meet his little brother Santiago! We keep sending Santiago’s hospital blankets home for him to get used to. And Popeye has taken them to his bed! Too cute!

By the way, Popeye is a soccer fan as well. Apparently, he took after his mother and father.

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Public reactions

Twitter fans just loved seeing the pup in the uniform! Some have even said it’s the best thing they’ve seen on Twitter.

Isn’t the doggy cute?!

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