People Rant And Rave Over Trump’s Bold Statements About The 'U.S. Foolishness And Stupidity' And 'Crooked Hillary'

Date July 16, 2018 16:42

The whole image of Trump is rather controversial. There were a lot of rumors about him long before he has even started to consider running for the presidency.

Trump's legacy

However, it didn’t stop then and there. With years, Trump has gathered lots of attention owing to his political moves. There’s been a lot of promises as a part of his campaign. However, not all of the initiatives perceived well in the society.

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Repealing Obamacare, child separation, and immigration policies didn’t do him lots of good. Let alone the people affected by these policies.  

Is he going to make America great again?

Donald Trump has never tried hiding what he thinks and preferred saying everything out loud right away. This time, the president didn’t hesitate to mention 'U.S. foolishness and stupidity' and 'Crooked Hillary' in one of his Twitter posts.

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Here it is, so you could read it and enjoy both the wording and the tone.

What’s more, he’s been accused of not acting when the Russian intervention into the US elections has been reported.

Public reaction

After reading this, people couldn’t just swallow it. They stood up to say they totally disagree with President Trump, claiming he isn’t on the US side, and Hillary would have won as lots of people voted for her.

There were also those who continued to praise the president, supporting him with the slogan – Make America great again.

Anyways, only time will show who’s right and who’s wrong here.

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