Trump Having A 'Mental Illness'? At Least, Jenifer Lewis, 'Black Mom Of Hollywood', Suspects That In Her Recent Tweet

Date July 18, 2018 14:48

In light of the recent press conference that Donald Trump had with Putin, there have been a lot of discussions concerning the US president’s standpoint.

Condemning the president

Almost unanimously, both common people as well as politicians have condemned the president for his agreeing with Putin and saying both countries were responsible for the intervention in the US elections. And John McCain was one of the first who expressed his opinion on that.


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Jenifer Lewis has something to say

Jenifer Lewis, the black mom of Hollywood, couldn’t stand behind this time. So, she has decided to comment on a recent Donald Trump’s post where he praised himself as ‘the most effective president in modern American history’.

So, Jenifer Lewis has responded with rather an unusual post. In fact, she agreed with the president, saying she had a mental illness as well, but she wasn’t evil. Here it is:

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Public reactions

In fact, this Trump’s tweet has caused lots of responses. As a rule, people treated his words with some disrespect and distrust. They have managed to come up with all kinds of antonyms to almost every positive word president Trump used about himself.

Well, everyone has a right to express his or her personal opinion, but if there wasn’t any reason, people wouldn’t talk about Trump’s tweet so much.  

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