Keith Lemon Finally Tells The Truth About His Real Mom And Her Connection With Kris Jenner

Date June 27, 2018

Keith Lemon is the man we all adore for his perfect sense of humor and ability to laugh even at himself. It’s been numerous times that he made fun of himself, and now, it’s time for the Kardashian family and his mother.

Kris Jenner-Lemon?!

There’s been a lot of rumors around Keith Lemon’s mother. Finally, it’s become clear who is who. The Through the Keyhole star has recently spoken about Kris Jenner, the mother of the Kardashian’s clan. It’s she who presented him with Celebrity Juice's prize and allowed him to make a selfie with her backstage.

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The host admitted his mom and Kris have nothing in common, but the fact his actual mother plays Kris in a sketch show. What’s more, Keith joked about both women saying:

But her nipples are smaller than [Kris's]. She's got quite big nipples. Lovely breasts, hasn't she? She has... I did a selfie with her.


Keith in America is coming soon

There’s a bit fuss over the mystery with Kris Jenner and Keith’s real-life mother. However, it’s going to be uncovered soon, as Keith in coming to America, and his show will be on ITV2 on July, 5, 10 pm. There and then all the fans will have a chance to see his real-life mother as Kris Jenner and contrast all the differences.

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People say his mom looks just amazing! We can’t wait to see the show!

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