Kylie Minogue Has Been Spotted With A Thick Gold Band On Her Ring Finger: Does It Say About Engagement?

Date July 5, 2018

There are celebrities, and then, there is Kylie Minogue. This woman is outstanding, and that’s probably why everyone loves her so much and wants her to be happy.

Kylie engaged?

Especially now, she’s got a new boyfriend in the face of Paul Solomons. What’s more, the singer gave her fans some food for thought by wearing a thick gold band on her ring finger. She was spotted out in London with her personal assistant. Only time and Kylie herself will tell whether it’s true.

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Public opinion

Everyone wants Kylie to be happy. They say she truly deserves that, and it would be a big disappointment not only for the celebrity but also for her fans if this relationship doesn’t work in the long run.

All in all, her Twitter fans couldn’t hide their joy when they saw her with a new man! They sincerely wish them all the best.

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Romantic boyfriend reveal

The singer has confirmed her relationship with Paul Solomons herself on Instagram. Kylie has posted a cute photo of them together kissing on a New York rooftop on Monday.

Will such a relationship grow into something long-term and serious? How do you think?

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Kylie Minogue