What’s Wrong? Victoria Beckham Waited Too Long For David To Write A Heartfelt Wedding Anniversary Tribute

Date July 6, 2018

It’s been almost two decades ago that the world saw one of the most iconic weddings of the 90s. David and Victoria Beckham have been inseparable since then.

Wedding anniversary

And now, it’s been a few days ago that they have celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. This couple seems to be one of the strongest in Hollywood. They have managed to withstand lots of rumors about their separation and have always proved their faith to one another.  

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What’s wrong?

However, this anniversary has become a reason to doubt their perfect relationship as it’s Victoria who was the 1st to post something to mark the occasion and boast about their 19th wedding anniversary. The ex-singer posted heartwarming photos of the presents she’s got from her dearest people.

The thing is David has stayed silent for too long, and instead of paying some tribute to his beloved wife, he posted a strange video of Friends monkey Marcell putting on a CD.

Only later on David has shared a post, congratulating his wife on the big day. Now there's nothing for us to worry about. 

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What people say

However, this didn’t make their fans think about the couple’s separation. On the contrary, they wished David and Victoria long years of marriage!

That’s what happens when you are a perfect couple!

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