All Family Together: Victoria Beckham Shares Smiley Summer Photos And Sends Kisses From Her Family Vacation

Date July 17, 2018 17:31

David and Victoria Beckham have become a role model both for their parenting and relationship with one another. They know how to remain a family no matter what.

Nevertheless, they are rather strict parents and don’t like spoiled children. Both David and Victoria were raised by strict parents and knew the cost of everything.

That’s why they try to teach their kids not to take anything for granted. They have to earn everything they have. And what’s more important, the parents want them to be polite and decent kids.

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Family vacation!

And what’s a happy family without a good rest? Victoria Beckham has recently shared shiny photos of all her family from their vacation. She wished everybody sweet summer and sent her fans lots of kisses.

The family looked perfect, and it seemed they were enjoying their sea vacation. It’s great they will have a chance to get suntanned and relax.

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Children’s response

Judging by the kids’ feedback, the parents have managed to raise them as very polite children. Brooklyn has shared a touching flashback from the vacation, having captioned it as: Missing wales.

What’s more, he has posted another photo on Instagram with a bunch of red roses, captioning it:

Love you mum @victoriabeckham

Victoria must be so proud of having such a loving son! She did raise him well! Good job, Victoria!

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