Reason Why Victoria Beckham Always Strikes The Same Pose When Gets Photographed

Date July 2, 2018 15:02

This woman has so many secrets and mysteries, there’ll be enough of them for us to discover for a long time on.

Why doesn’t she smile?

One of her secrets has been already uncovered. The thing is everyone has been so interested why on earth doesn’t Victoria smile when being photographed.

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There were lots of funny assumptions. Some said she’s grumpy because she doesn’t enjoy her life or has bad teeth and is shy. However, the ex-singer has answered this question, and it’s as simple as that:

I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community.

What’s wrong with the legs?

However, there is another mystery that’s been bothering us for quite a while. And it’s the pose she strikes in every photo. Victoria likes placing her left leg slightly in front of the other, then she leans slightly backwards, with her left arm down her side.

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Fashion stylist Harriet Davey has explained the trick of such a pose:

After years of practice in front of the camera, of course Victoria Beckham knows all her best angles and it's clearly her left side. By putting one leg in front of the other she manages to make her legs look longer, her slim frame look slightly more curvy at the hips AND it shows off her endless shoe wardrobe all in one simple trick. She definitely puts her best foot forward in the style stakes.

It’s not hard to notice celebrities try to do everything to make themselves look outstanding in the photos! And Vicky knows her legs are her power.

She doesn’t get tired of sharing the photos of her wonder legs, the woman definitely likes being in the limelight! How do you like that?

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