Katharine, Duchess Of Kent, Shares A Real Story Behind Her Hug With Jana Novotna

Date July 5, 2018 10:20

If there’s a hug, there’s always a reason, right? And the one of Katharine, Duchess of Kent, with Jana Novotna has caught public interest for a while. And here’s why.

Who is Jana Novotna?

She’s a professional tennis player, who was born in the Czech Republic. She’s one of those women who doesn’t like everything a simple way. On the contrary, she played an increasingly rare style of play among women during her career. 1998 was the year she won the women's singles title at Wimbledon.

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What’s behind the hug?

Recently, the 85-year-old Duchess has spoken to BBA about the Wimbledon, and they mentioned the event that happened back in 1993. It was the time when she presented the ladies runner-up Jana Novotna with the prize. It was one of the most touching experiences.

Poor Jana was so disappointed with her result that she broke down in tears and Katharine put a comforting arm around her. Here’s what the Duchess said:

That's what you do when people are crying. We are quite normal people. We do hug people who cry. It is a natural reaction!

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Public reactions

All in all, people approved of such an act of kindness. They liked what the Duchess did and thanked her for being a human. It was lovely to see there’s someone with a sense of sympathy and compassion.  

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