Prince William – Barista?! So Far, He’s The Only Royal Who Is So Professional At Making Frappuccinos

Date June 29, 2018

A recent visit of Prince William to Jerusalem has gathered a lot of attention from the media.

Jerusalem visit

First, because the Duke of Cambridge is the first British royal who came with the official visit to the Middle East territories. What is more, he’s done a truly great job on the tour, thus strengthening the relationship between the countries.



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Coffee making

Furthermore, Prince William hasn’t found it inappropriate and on the contrary, really enjoyed making Frappuccino with students at Al Quds college in Amman. Can you imagine this?! The prince is a qualified barista now. And there’s even a video proof to that!


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Apparently, he’s done pretty well with his first Frappuccino. Prince William was extremely careful and concentrated while making it.


On the whole, Prince William is really into coffee. Once, in Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi, he opted for some Vietnamese coffee on a sidewalk along a small road in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. That was so cool of him to do that! The prince is really a people person like his late mother, Princess Diana!

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Prince William